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The Living Art Museum

Inspiring experimental art

The Marshall House by the old harbour is the home of the Living Art Museum. This non-profit, artist-run museum and association was founded in 1978 to showcase experimental and groundbreaking contemporary art, at a time when Icelandic art authorities had stagnant views of what constituted art and art history.

The Living Art Museum’s collection consists entirely of donations from artists and individuals. Through the past four decades, the collection has grown to feature works from the most inspiring Icelandic artists of our time.

Since its foundation, the Living Art Museum has been an important forum in the Icelandic art community for introducing, reflecting, and debating the role of contemporary art. It offers a varied programme that extends beyond art exhibitions, including performances, film and video screenings, live music, lectures and symposiums, poetry readings, and theatre. 

The Marshall House, Grandagarður 20, Reykjavík
+354 551 4350


Tues-Sun 12-18