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Aurora Reykjavík

Experience the northern lights

Take a walk through history and learn how people and cultures around the world experienced the northern lights via legends and myths connected to this amazing phenomenon.

Learn the science behind the aurora via interactive displays and try out the specially equipped “photo booth” where you can learn how to adjust your camera’s settings for capturing the elusive lights.

Aurora Reykjavík’s ace up its sleeve is its fantastic 4K time-lapse film of the aurora borealis. Projected onto a seven-metre-wide screen, you can sit back in bean bags and enjoy this 30-minutes film that features dazzling aurora displays captured all over Iceland.

The latest addition to Aurora Reykjavík is virtual reality goggles featuring the world’s first 360° movie of auroral displays. If you can’t catch the northern lights yourself, this almost real experience is definitely the next best option to witness the beauty of this truly amazing phenomenon.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff are on hand to answer any question you may have about the lights and about northern lights photography, accompanied by a free cup of coffee or tea.

The gift shop stocks a unique selection of high-quality handmade items by young Icelandic designers, photographers, and artists.

Grandagarður 2, 101 Reykjavík
+354 780 4500


Daily 9-21


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