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Reykjavík Maritime Museum

How the ocean formed a nation

A harbour museum exploring Iceland’s dramatic relationship with the sea.

The survival of the Icelandic nation depended on generations of brave fishermen heading into the unknown. Over the centuries, traditional methods of catching and working with fish transformed into a science that helped create and maintain a modern society.

The permanent exhibition Fish & folk – 150 years of fisheries is about the history of the Icelandic fisheries, from the time when rowing boats gave way to large fishing vessels in the late 19th century, through to the 21st century.

Reykjavík Maritime Museum is part of Reykjavík City Museum – one museum in five unique places.

Grandagarður 8, 101 Reykjavík
+354 411 6300


Daily 10-17


ISK 2,050; Students: ISK 1,260, Children under 18 and People with Disabilities: Free