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Árbær Open Air Museum

A day out of time

This is Reykjavík’s open-air museum, where you can stroll through the past and experience the way Icelanders lived.

Fun, fascinating, and full of surprises, this living museum takes you on a journey through time.

Reykjavík’s early history is preserved in a series of lovingly restored homes, where you’ll encounter costumed guides, grazing animals, and traditional crafts.

Exhibitions, demonstrations, and tours reveal how Reykjavík came to life, from a few scattered farms to a vibrant capital city. 

Árbær Open Air Museum is part of Reykjavík City Museum – one museum in five unique places.

Kistuhylur 4, 110 Reykjavík
+354 411 6300
Guided tours at 13 all year round.


Jun-Aug Daily 10-17, Sept-May Daily 13-17


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