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Reykjavík for the Whole Family

Families will find plenty of interesting activities in Reykjavík. Whether it’s splashing around in a geothermally heated swimming pool, trying on Viking armour or viewing whales at close range, kids of all ages will find something to enjoy.

Reykjavík is particularly family friendly. It’s a safe and clean city, simple to navigate on foot, with easy access to nature. Local businesses are very accommodating of families with young children; even in the hippest of coffee shops and restaurants, you’ll find highchairs and play areas set aside for kids. Reykjavík has much to offer to visitors at affordable prices – sometimes even for free! On the right are our top ten recommendations for active families and curious kids to enjoy while visiting Reykjavík.

Family-Friendly Events

Children’s Culture Festival (April)
A festival celebrating music, literature, and arts of children of all ages!

First Day of Summer (April)
The First Day of Summer is an official holiday, celebrated with parades and family-friendly fun all over the city.

Festival of the Sea (June)
The area around the old harbour in Reykjavík bustles with life during this festival, which celebrates the ocean around Iceland and the men and women who spend their days fishing and sailing.

Independence Day (June 17)
Iceland became an independent country in 1944 and every year since, June 17 is celebrated with a festival in every town in Iceland.

Reykjavík Culture Night (August)
Culture night actually mostly takes place during the day, with plenty of events, concerts, street theatre, and other events to keep the whole family entertained!

Top 10 Family Activities in Reykjavík

  1. Splash & play in any of the 18 swimming pools in the capital area.
  2. Make friends with the resident ducks, geese, and swans of lake Tjörnin.
  3. Go back in time to the age of settlement at one of the capital area’s many museums.
  4. Visit the animals at the Reykjavík Family Park & Zoo.
  5. Try delicious Icelandic food – hot dogs, soft ice cream, skyr, and black liquorice.
  6. Climb the majestic Mt. Esja.
  7. Ride an Icelandic horse through rocky lava fields.
  8. See whales and puffins on a boat trip from the old harbour.
  9. See bubbling hot springs and roaring waterfalls on a day trip from Reykjavík.
  10. Revel in a Reykjavík winter – be dazzled by Christmas lights, visit the Hafnarfjörður Christmas Village, skate on lake Tjörnin, or simply start a snowball fight!