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Reykjavík food walk

Reykjavík Food Walk

In Reykjavík, you can expect to get fresh seafood and local specialties including lamb and fish stew. There are a number of food tours that can take you on a journey through Icelandic cuisine. Below, we present three popular food tours. 

The Reykjavík Food Walk Tours

The Reykjavík Food Walk

The Reykjavík Food Walk is a three-hour walking tour which takes you to some of the best restaurants of the city. A knowledgeable guide will take you to places where the locals go to eat. You will get a range of Icelandic dishes, including Icelandic lamb, seafood and Skyr (a traditional Icelandic dairy, similar to yogurt but thicker). 

A highlight of the Reykjavík Food Walk is the chance to try fermented shark, which locals eat once a year to celebrate the old pagan month of Þorri in late January and early February. The smell is strong to say the least and compared with that, the taste might seem mild. A tasting experience not to forget.

REykjavík Food lovers tour

The Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour takes four hours to explore some of the best Icelandic restaurants in the city. The guide will take you to places where you can try some of the most authentic Icelandic dishes. You will get to try Icelandic lamb, seafood and a variety of dishes that are unique to Iceland.

As in the Reykjavík Food Walk, the highlight is tasting fermented shark.

Reykjavík Food and drink adventure

On the Reykjavík Food & Drink tour, groups of five are taken to five restaurants downtown Reykjavík, tasting some great Icelandic food and drinks along the way. The experiences vary from fine-dining to street food and from beers to strong liquor. 

It’s an ideal tour to begin your stay in Reykjavík, getting an intro of the culture and cuisine with a fun local guide. Just make sure to show up hungry and thirsty.