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Seltjarnarnes is a small town situated on the tip of the small peninsula Reykjavík is also located on, with remarkable views of the North Atlantic.

Since much of the town is located within a beautiful nature reserve, many locals make use of its excellent recreational areas and the extensive walking and cycling paths encircling the entire peninsula. Its unobstructed views, of the setting sun and the impressive Snæfellsjökull glacier, make it a romantic destination and magnet for travellers and photographers alike. During winter, the areas around the coastline are perfect for viewing the magnificent northern lights! The best-known landmark in the area is the old lighthouse on Grótta, with stunning sea views and a wealth of birdlife. Note that during the nesting season (May 1-July 1), Grótta is closed.

A permanent art installation, Kvika by Ólöf Nordal, made of dolomite stone with a round footbath carved into the centre, is located on the northern side of the peninsula next to the shark-curing shed. People visiting are thoroughly encouraged to bring a towel and make good use of it by taking a relaxing footbath out in the open sea air!

In case you’d like to warm up more than just your toes, the town’s thermal pool comes highly recommended and features a lap pool, several hot tubs, a waterslide, a steam bath, and toddler pool; all supplied uniquely with geothermal seawater.

Serviced by bus no 11.