Wining & Dining in Reykjavik

Reykjavík’s restaurant scene is emerging with a unique palate all of its own, embracing the fresh ingredients Iceland offers at home. Icelandic chefs are keen to bring different cultures and cuisines to the local table. You’ll find every world culture’s kind of food in Reykjavík, from Asian to S-American to US-style diner food. And no end to ways to sample the local flavour.

Diverse Reykjavik

A great many of outstanding kitchens can be found in Reykjavík with an eye to using Iceland’s own bounty of seafood, lamb, wild game, organic, greenhouse vegetables and top-notch dairy products. Iceland is still near to nature, so ingredients tend to be incredibly fresh and tasty.

Although fine dining bounds among Icelandic restaurants, many places offer the more traditional Icelandic “soul food”—fish balls, smoked lamb, plokkfiskur and rúgbrauð, mushy peas, red cabbage, salt cod steaks—the kind of hearty dishes you’d find the nation’s grandmothers cooking that definitely made a comeback in the last couple of years.

In addition to “home-style” food, there is a great number of world-class restaurants combining traditional Icelandic food with nouvelle cuisine techniques, offering flavours and textures unique to Iceland presented in surprising and innovative ways, so as to delight the eyes, nose and curiosity, in addition to the palate.

On the other hand, a number of kitchens are taking those Icelandic specialities and applying them to completely different cuisines. You can find Icelandic cuisine in tapas-style mini courses, or even Icelandic-Latin-American-sushi. You’ll find cutting-edge vegetarian food and greasy burger joints, elite restaurants and some excellent street food. You’ll find classy wine bars and homey pubs, artisan bakeries and greasy spoon cafeterias. You’ll find some great coffee and fantastic local craft beers. So get out, look around, and see what you find. There’s something for absolutely everyone.