Fashionable Fish

While fur still holds its own in chilly Reykjavík, if you plan to ride the ever-changing tides of fashion, you’ll need to reach for your salmon coat, your perch boots, your wolffish belt and your cod handbag.

Icelandic designers have begun exploring uncharted waters by ushering a new material into their designs: fish leather. The material has won popularity because of how it can be sustainably produced. In Iceland the leather is made from fish caught and processed for food.

Iceland’s own Atlantic Leather has used their background in traditional tanning and leather to work fish leather into a durable, usable product. However, the skins themselves retain their own distinctive look: salmon creates a delicate, elegant texture, perch is much rougher with course scales, wolffish yields a smooth leather with its characteristic black spots, and cod, the pride of Iceland’s bounty, gives a variable texture with both rough and smooth areas.

You can check out Iceland’s fish leather designs at shops like Kraum, Huld Store, Kirsuberjatréð, Atson Leathers and Eggert the Furrier.