Kópavogur translates as “baby seal bay” and is Iceland’s second largest town.

Only a stone’s throw from Reykjavík, the town boasts a number of remarkable sights and out-of-the-ordinary buildings including a modern dome-shaped church, the Smáralind shopping centre, and the Salurinn concert hall – a stunning example of contemporary Icelandic design, constructed of driftwood sourced from around the coast of Iceland. The city also affords stunning views over the ocean, mountains and the rest of the capital area, which makes it a prime perch for viewing the fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

The Gerðarsafn Art Museum houses an impressive collection of Icelandic art, including about 1,400 pieces by sculptor Gerður Helgadóttir (the museum’s namesake) and 300 works by Barbara and Magnús A. Árnason.

Hamraborg 4
+354 570 0440 | www.gerdarsafn.is
Open: Tue-Sun 11-17

Kópavogur Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

If you’re nuts about nature or fascinated by the formation of Iceland, then your thirst for knowledge can be filled to satisfaction at the Natural History Museum – one of the leading natural science institutes in Iceland. The museum hosts exhibitions, with an emphasis on geology and Icelandic wildlife, including the arctic fox and numerous species of fish and birds. It also has an “extraordinary” (as described by David Attenborough, when he visited in 2005) exhibition of Japanese style “Marimo” lake balls. Science fans will also want to check out the Borgarholt coastal preserve just a short walk away.

Hamraborg 6A
+354 570 0430 | www.natkop.is
Open: Mon-Thu 10-19, Fri 11-17, Sat 13-17

The Kópavogur thermal pool is a great place for young families, with a swimming pool, several hot tubs and a sauna. There is also a Nautilus gym on the grounds.

Borgarholtsbraut 17
+354 570 0470 | sund.kopavogur.is
Open: May—Sep | Mon-Fri 6.30-22, Sat-Sun 8-20
Oct—Apr | Mon-Fri 6.30-22, Sat-Sun 8-18

Another great place to make a splash is the Versalir thermal pool and gym. As one of the newest facilities in the capital area, it’s well worth a visit. If you’d rather work up a sweat then you could visit Nautilus gym onsite.

Versölum 3
+354 570 0480 | sund.kopavogur.is
Open: May—Sep | Mon-Fri 6.30-22, Sat-Sun 8-20
Oct—Apr | Mon-Fri 6.30-22, Sat-Sun 8-18

The Hamraborg area is serviced by bus no. 1

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