Have you ever visited a town built into a lava field? Hafnarfjörður is known as ‘the Town in the Lava’ because of its proximity to wildly shaped lava formations. About 7300 years ago Búrfell Mountain erupted and the area where the lava flowed from it, hardening on its way to the sea, became known as Hafnarfjörður.

The beautiful seaside

VikingHafnarfjörður is a friendly seaside community that is home to some 28,000 people, many living in colourful houses adorned with corrugated iron.

Hafnarfjörður is close to Reykjavik and has it all! Beautiful parks, an art museum, a folk museum (free admission!), three geothermal pools and a geothermal area at Seltún, numerous restaurants and a selection of boutiques that focus on Icelandic design. All this is located in the compact town centre that is only 15- 20 minutes away from central Reykjavik, with bus no. 1. Get the bus app or see www.bus.is.

Town festivals

Hafnarfjördur has its own collection of festivals, one of the most popular being the Viking festival in June. During Christmas, the town centre is transformed for the festivities into a Yuletide village, with a Christmas market and plenty of live entertainment.

Design & History

Hafnarfjörður is a town boasting with numerous interesting design shops and boutiques, with the harbour waterfront featuring one of Iceland’s favorite jewelsmiths.

If you’d like to get acquainted with the town on a deeper level, then a trip to the Hafnarfjörður Museum is a must. The main museum houses two permanent exhibitions; one dedicated to the town’s colourful history while the other presents an exhibition of antique children’s toys.

The Hidden People

Even the Elves wants to live in Hafnarfjörður This beautiful town is known for its elves and hidden people Two local tours cater to visitors interested in learning more about huldufólk. The first tour, called ‘The Hidden Worlds’, focuses primarily on the colourful history and folklore associated with elves. The second tour is ‘The Elf Walk Tour’ and it focuses on the sincere spirituality and belief system associated with elves or hidden people.