Day Tours and Activities from Reykjavik

Reykjavík is a nice place, but you also really need to get out of town and see the surrounding nature. Because the city isn’t very big, it’s actually incredibly convenient – a mere 25-minute drive brings you into the countryside. This chapter takes you through the major areas around Reykjavík, as well as some of the numerous activities you have to choose from.

IMG_4724From Reykjavik, there are (at least) 4 different day tours that we’d recommend for sure if time is available. We’ve covered each one on the next few pages, giving a bit of local insight into the magnificent Golden Circle, which is without a doubt the most popular one of them all, as well as the beautiful South Coast, the Reykjanes Peninsula and finally the West Iceland. All these different locations have their attractions and reasons for visiting, and come highly recommended!

But there is of course more to Iceland than ‘just’ exploring nature. Iceland is an adventure destination and as such, there are myriad things to discover and experience.

We touch lightly upon those, offering just a small glimpse of the menu with items such as snorkelling, horseback riding, whale-watching, caving and much more!

Odds are you didn’t visit Iceland for a lazy vacation, but on the contrary, that you’re here to go a bit out of the box and experience something you wouldn’t anywhere else.

Iceland is just the right destination for that! The weather might be rough, but the people are nice and you’ll always find an adventure to do!